Dr. Phil Maffetone 3: How to Use MAF For Higher Intensity Racing, the Mental Side to Racing, Audio While Exercising, Double vs. Single Run Days at MAF, RPE vs. HR, and Much More

August 14, 2013

Dr. Phil Maffetone joins the show for lots of good MAF talk, and he also provides answers to your questions on how to effectively train at MAF but then race at higher intensities, tips to train muscles for faster paces, the mental side to racing, can two runs a day at MAF get the same benefit versus one long run a day, thoughts on cardiac drift and RPE, heart rate variability monitoring and using it with MAF training protocol, good or bad:  listening to music or audiobooks while exercising, what happens when HR suddenly increases after an hour of running and what to do, is it a good idea to race weekly to develop speed and anaerobic fitness while still doing MAF during the rest of the week and if so the best times to do that in a season, and much more!

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