Dr. Phil Maffetone 19: MAF Principles for Healthy Children, Guide to the Long Run and Long Bike, and Case Study On Helping a Female Pro Triathlete

September 26, 2016


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Martin: How does the MAF Method apply to kids? I have 2 very active boys aged 3 and 6. Tim Noakes seemed to backtrack a bit with his lchf for kids details (perhaps for political reasons but it didn’t feel like he was putting out what he really wanted to) saying that carbs for kids wasn’t so big an issue but I’d like to know if letting them have the carbs is fine or whether I should be getting them to eat less (I already restrict the processed junk and the sugars etc).

In 1:59 there was mention of training runs not needing to go beyond 2-2.5 hrs. Does this limited volume also apply to the bike for long-course racing? What’s a good long bike duration for MAF if racing 70.3, IM and endurance cycling events when following MAF?

Case study: Reductions in training load and dietary carbohydrates help restore health and improve performance in an Ironman triathlete

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