Dr. Phil Maffetone & Zach Bitter: Elite Runner Taking on MAF, Phil’s Assessment, Progressing and Customizing Everything (Even Diet!) For Best Results

October 31, 2016


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On this show we feature Dr. Phil Maffetone with special guest Zach Bitter. Zach recently embarked on MAF training this year and has been a fan and follower of Phil’s for years but on this show they meet for the first time with a great conversation ensuing.

  • We find out why Zach started training by the MAF Method and using the 180 Formula
  • Before, Zach was doing too much training at too low HR and not getting the proper stimulus
  • Zach lists out what he noticed relatively quickly into doing MAF
  • MAF results: fast responder, dropping to a sub-6 MAF pace, and also a testament to health and wellness when progress is quick
  • Phil gives an initial assessment and feedback on Zach and how he’s more effectively enlisting and training slow-twitch fibers
  • With big volume that Zach needs (100+ mpw), is running all the time at MAF risky business with his pace that fast?
  • Transitioning to speedwork was EASIER for Zach having done MAF for a while, and he responded better, more quickly, etc.
  • When fitness is there, MAF gives muscular endurance and strength that can be lacking when running at “too low” an effort
  • …But MAF isn’t like this for everyone, so we discuss more on having to “slow down” to hold the right HR on MAF
  • Using time and not miles to guide training
  • Getting into a state of flow especially on track races like Zach does, and playing devil’s advocate of when getting into flow is hard for most if constantly having to monitor HR – and the related frustrations
  • How Zach paced his American record runs at the Desert Solstice (comparing race HR to MAF HR)
  • Correcting muscle imbalances to get faster
  • It’s ok to DNF on a race to preserve health and stay injury free
  • Does it seem like we drill in the same themes over and over? Maybe, but that’s because we need to keep hearing it and avoid the plans that promise “quick fixes” and gimmicks out there!
  • Zach and Phil on diet
  • How Zach has evolved his approach to LCHF, and how his version of LC is actually more carb intake than you might guess – but that’s because he’s putting in so much training volume!
    • Adjust carb intake to your needs, and take in the minimal effective dosage for health and wellness
    • Zach races with 100-200 calories an hour, with a “trickle” of carb coming in – not in excess
  • It’s not all about measuring ketones and being in ketosis! Focus on getting better, not on what the pee strip says
  • MAF may not be “sexy” and we don’t package it up and sell it easily (i.e. there are no packaged MAF bars on the market), but why we think that’s ok and what keeps it genuine and awesome
  • Phil’s fear of “MAF dolls” 😉
  • and more!
  • Ask questions to questions@enduranceplanet.com

One Comment

  • Daniel says:

    While listening to this I was really surprised with Zach talking about making food from scratch. I live in Australia and come from a Croatian background, where almost everything we eat is made from scratch and where having store bought meals is foreign. Get on it, knowing exactly what goes into your meals puts the control back into your hands when it comes to your diet.

    Thanks for the great show guys

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