Dr. Susanne Bennett: Hormonal Balance and Allergy Prevention for Endurance Athletes, Clean Eating, Outdoor Training Tips, and More

April 16, 2014

An information-packed episode that every endurance athlete should hear featuring special guest Dr. Susanne Bennett, who specializes in hormones, allergies, clinical nutrition, environmental and lifestyle medicine. She is the author of best-seller The 7 Day Allergy Makeover, a step-by-step program providing natural solutions to eliminate allergies and restore vibrant health from the inside out. In this show we discuss the following plus so much more:

Hormonal balance for endurance athletes
-Athletes and hormones and how we can train for endurance and stay in balance
-Adrenal stress and adrenal fatigue — symptoms and how to overcome
-Testosterone, cholesterol, cortisol, estrogens, adrenals, DHEA
-Learn all about the Pregnenolone Steal
-How diet plays a role (and specifically animal protein and fat)
-Dr. Susanne’s adrenal tonic, Jing Jing, and herbal remedy solutions
-Other safe supplementing options
Food, eating out and food allergies

-Food allergies/sensitivities and how they can wreak havoc for endurance athlete; the most common sensitivities

-Navigating how to eat out and avoid harmful hidden toxins, contaminants, or additives in foods
-The negative side to alcohol — fungal toxins, histamine response, yeast issues, sleep, etc
-Bowel movements
-Foods with fermentable sugars that could wreak havoc on the gut
-How long does it take to heal your gut?
-Fermented foods
-Detecting yeast overgrowth
-Can you be allergic to gluten and not know it?
Outdoor training tips to avoid allergies/exposure to harmful things
-Is it harmful to be swimming in chlorinated pools constantly? And tips to offset harms of chlorine
-Allergies and endurance sport, more common in endurance athletes who are outside so much and also wearing down their bodies constantly?
-Runny nose when training – year round — why does ti happen and how to fix
-Skin care, sunscreen/sunblock use, prevent breakouts from sweat/workouts, etc
-How to build healthy, robust skin
-Athlete’s need for NAC and glutathione , Vitamin C and quercetin
-Practical tips to clean out allergens and prevent allergens from entering your home

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For more information on Dr. Susanne, visit her at drsusanne.com.

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