Dr. Tamsin Lewis: On Becoming a New Mom, Plus Q&A – SHBG Levels in Athletes, Gluconeogenesis, Coke as Fuel, and More

November 17, 2014

We are joined by Dr. Tamsin Lewis, who has some exciting news to share since we last spoke with her: she’s pregnant! Tamsin shares what it’s like for a female athlete to experience pregnancy for the first time and she gets very specific with the changes in her body and lifestyle including:

  • levels of hormones getting crazy
  • how she’s altering her exercise
  • changes to her diet/nutrition and what she has cut out
  • and more.

You can follow Tamsin’s blog at sportiedoc.com for updates and progress on her pregnancy!

Plus we also answer your questions on:

  • SHBG levels athletes and its relationship with sex hormones and testosterone.
  • Is high SHBG a cause for concern in athletes? (i.e. is high SHBG a normal result of training, or can it decrease T bioavailability)
  • What causes high SHBG?
  • Gluconeogenesis – turning non-carb sources to glucose for fuel.
  • Is gluconeogenesis from plant protein sources different than from animal protein?
  • Flat coke: should you incorporate it into regular training or save it for races? Do you need to adapt your body to using coke or is it really “magic” fuel?

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