Endurance Love Diaries: Triathletes Mike and Lauren on Training Together, Getting Engaged, Wattie Ink. and Zoot Triathlon Teams, and More!

May 7, 2014

Endurance Planet continues our new feature “Endurance Love” podcasts that highlight a couple in endurance sports who rocks it in their relationship and in triathlon. This episode features triathletes Mike Feldman and Lauren Martz, of Indiana, who have quite the story to share starting with how they met, their not-so-average dating life, and most recently their engagement!

We hear how Mike, who’s on the Wattie Ink. Triathlon Team, and Lauren, who’s on Zoot’s Triathlon Team, manage their demanding lives of working full-time jobs and training for 70.3 triathlons while also getting creative with spending time together and planning a wedding in the most stress-free style possible!

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