Endurance Planet’s Guide to Elevation: Practical Tips for Living, Eating, and Training at Altitude!

June 20, 2012

Guide To Elevation

It’s Time To Conquer Altitude, Once & For All

Altitude training and racing information can be confusing. There are scores of supplements, gear, and training strategies that so-called “experts” recommend to keep you from biological disaster at altitude. We turned to a seasoned endurance athlete who actually lives, eats and trains at altitude every day to sort this out for you.

Here are just a few of the performance proven gems you will discover inside:

Mountain High Experience – exactly what happens to your body when you get into elevated conditions…
Going To Altitude – the system and steps necessary to prepare your body for training or racing at altitude…
Fueling and Hydration – how eating and drinking changes at altitude, and what you can do about it…
High Altitude Training – how to handle your altitude training sessions, and what to do if you can’t get to altitude to train…
Racing In Thin Air – how to race and properly pace at altitude, along with swimming tips, cycling tips and running tips…
Going From High Altitude to Sea Level – what to expect when you reverse the scenario  and go from high to low to train or race…

The Guide to Elevation is Guaranteed to give you the confident edge you need for top performance at altitude!

Everything you need to optimize your performance and overall workout capacity is revealed in this easy to follow book.  You will now be able to successfully avoid discomfort and susceptibility to injury that are synonymous with altitude training and racing.

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