Ep. 1A Project Badwater: Drs. Phil Maffetone and Cathy Dudick on Sports-Related ‘Trauma,’ Training Through Injury, and Recovery

November 4, 2015

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Drs. Phil Maffetone and Catherine Dudick, a trauma surgeon in Atlantic City, come on to talk about the relationship between trauma and exercise and give recommendations to endurance athletes on building a training program that keeps them from falling victim to injury–whether soft-tissue injury or chemical injury.

– The similarity between what occurs in athletes and a trauma patients?
– Inflammation is the common response; inflammation drives healing, but it can also drive further injury
– Why the events prior to an injury or “niggle” are often the true root of the cause
– Do we ever want some trauma, i.e. micro trauma, as a way to build and adapt on the quest to become fit for our sport?
– Should you train through pain, niggles and injuries (Tawnee brings up cases when athlete still raced when injured and accomplished great feats or had to bow out)
– The mental side of dealing with injury/sports trauma, recovery and the need to keep going and not give up
– What kind of recovery in training is needed to avoid serious soft tissue or chemical injuries
– The “less is more” approach vs. “no pain no gain”

Highlights from the article “10 Truths About Sports Trauma” by Dr. Maffetone:

– Trauma happens, how to mitigate
– Injury and ill health result from excess exercise trauma.
– Injury is not normal
– Trauma patients and athletes share much
– Brain-Body Stress connection
– Training trauma is the anthem of the no-pain, no-gain philosophy
– The training equation helps balance trauma
– Total recovery needed
– The root of most injuries
– No cure in a pill

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  • CoolinOlympia says:

    Wow! This is an AMAZING episode!!! Outstanding!!!! Thanking our body, not killing ourselves in our training, trauma, and generally taking care of ourselves EVEN THOUGH we are trying to accomplish something GREAT! This is a fantastic episode. Thank you so much all of you!!!!

  • CoolinOlympia says:

    By the way, for Phil Maffetone, I am not a huge Greg Glassman fan, the founder of Crossfit, but he has really hammered those Crossfit injury studies as untrue and even that the statistics were falsified. Have you looked into that? I think there is more accurate research that states that Crossfit injuries are no more common than with other exercise types.

  • Ru El says:

    Hi Tawnee,

    Podcast/ Ep. 1A Project Badwater: Drs. Phil Maffetone and Cathy Dudick on Sports-Related… http://goo.gl/fb/3jjX5o

    I’m fine. Thanks for asking. Been having to get better gut health as a crumby round of antibiotics tweaked me. Nothing serious just annoying. From an athletic perspective, I don’t race, but I love the solo long runs. I’m working on that “balance” in training, mindset, and family to hopefully get the time to complete the first 50 miler before the year ends. If not, live to run another day. 🙂

    So as a lot of loyal listener probably do, they listen to the podcast on a drive and what is heard resonates and they get compelled to drop a line (tweet) and give thanks. That’s all.

    What’s resonated? All of it. I understand how in podcasting we need reminders of what was previously recorded because it’s impossible to remember everything. I’m learning it is even more challenging when doing guest shows. Even more challenging with multiple guests at one time. Someday. Just nerves. LOL

    On the surface, we hear these thing before and many time, but the ‘fresh’ perspective is…well ‘refreshing’. This is just that short list of what resonated:
    NSAIDs used prophylactically.
    Gut integrity.
    Inflammation, trauma, injury, niggles.
    Burn out from training and racing too much
    Physical preparation and health is very important along with the psychologically “having heart and mind” preparation.
    Low intensity for high performance
    “Balance” & “Because” as a justification for doing endurance sport.
    Cathy Dudick’s perspective is wonderfully said:
    “Endurance events and asking your body to go into an extreme has a lot to do with more than the physical its who you become in the process of doing the training to complete an event. The power of that cannot be underestimated…You cannot traumatize yourself in the process of preparing yourself for that effort.”
    “It’s in us to move. It’s good . Good for your body and spirit. Do it in a way not hurtful.”
    "I want to move across distance.”
    “In the morning before asking your body to do more…thank it.”

    I personally don’t get tired of hearing the information. Coming from the Drs and yourself the messages have weight, meaning, and power. Glad to hear on the show you’re healthy and well. Happy belated engagement. Keep up the good work. You are awesome! Catch you later.


    p.s. Please say hello to Frank Castle. He’s the man!

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