Ep. 2 Project ZENdurance: Strategizing Long Bricks, Race Fueling, and More

April 16, 2015

iphone-20140131200627-1Brett Blankner of the Zen and the Art of Triathlon podcast is just over a month out from Ironman Texas and Tawnee’s taking on the task of coaching Brett for Ironman success! Listen to Episode 1 of this new series first if you haven’t yet; you should!

On this show we focus on:

– key workouts and long bricks that Brett needs to complete in the final weeks before IMTX

– the format Tawnee recommends for 3 big bricks for IM training (how much bike vs. run, and volume/intensity)

– How to plan around Brett’s BUSY schedule

– Racing 70.3 Galveston and goal-setting

– Fueling during workouts and honing in on race nutrition that Brett will use

– His latest concoction of: a mix of UCAN, dextrose, malto, and Hornet Juice.

– Food talk and mention of Thrive Market for finding quality food a cheaper prices

enduranceplanet.com/shop to join Thrive now!

Coconut flakes and Paleo cereals to replace Raisin Bran

– Carbs at night (not the morning) whenever possible for better fat-adaptation

– the other Zendurance

– and more!

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