Ep. 2: So You Wanna Go Pro? The Boston Marathon Special, and Athletes Facing Low T

April 20, 2016

We are coming to you from Boston, MA, on Marathon Monday Eve for Episode 2 of EP’s newest series “So You Wanna Go Pro?” with pro triathlete hopeful Matt Bach. On this episode, Matt and Tawnee had the chance to sit down together in Boston to record this show, and it’s full of twists in the journey.

Need to catch up? Listen to Episode 1 here.

On this show:


  • Matt is suffering from a minor hip injury flare up. We discuss what’s going on, the likely underlying cause, and how he plans to recover.
  • How he is revising his strength training to manage this issue.
  • How the hip issue has led Matt to also revise his Boston Marathon race plan and face a tough reality: Only run 10 miles then pull out to avoid further aggravating the issue.
  • What it’s like to mentally accept a DNF when you know it’s the best decision to get better for future races.
  • If Matt had raced Boston, we talk about juggling marathon and Ironman training, and also how is a marathon race strategy planned to fit in with the A race triathlons?
  • Pacing an open marathon, and setting race goals.
  • They say that running an open marathon is much harder than running a marathon in an Ironman, and that often doing a marathon for IM training is often not necessary or must be done carefully. We get Matt’s opinion on this.


  • Matt opens up about dealing with low testosterone that he discovered last year.
  • What symptoms of low T did he experience? What did he do to find out more?
  • How he plans to train & race at the level he needs, while working to improve health status.
  • Relating Matt’s situation to runner Ryan Hall and what Ryan has gone through; including Ryan being open about discussing low T, etc.
  • Using the functional model to investigate underlying causes of health issues like Matt has, and will this be the route that can actually get him the answers he needs?
  • And more on managing T and training.

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