Ep. 5: So You Wanna Go Pro? Surprises, Progress and Matt’s Wife, Lauren, Chimes In

October 21, 2016


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On this show we’re joined by not only Matt Bach this time, but also his wife, Lauren Bach, for an exciting update:

  • Matt’s Santa Cruz 70.3 experiment and result
  • More health testing:
    • 4-point Cortisol test
    • Fresh blood labs with new, improved testosterone numbers and other data pointing toward progress
  • The strategies that have led to matt feeling so much better and allowing him to heal
  • The tradeoff of losing elite endurance fitness – what’s next?
  • The schedule lately:
    • More CrossFit, recovery, minimal training and allowing the healing to set in
  • Tentative training and racing plan moving forward
  • Bringing in Lauren
    • Lauren’s been with Matt for 12 years and knows him well. We get her take on everything that’s happened since Matt first won IMMD, her observations on Matt, transparency on her life, their lives together, and family planning
  • Big surprises (even Tawnee gets surprised with what the couple shares)!
  • The study Matt is putting together with researchers on the East Coast on elite endurance male athletes and hormones – if you fit the criteria email Matt at matthew.j.bach@gmail.com – they’re looking for participants!

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