Ep 6 Project ZENdurance: IMTX Analysis and Road to Recovery

May 20, 2015

brettTexas1Brett and Tawnee catch up 48 hours after Brett raced IRONMAN Texas on May 16. Was it the race Brett hoped to achieve? Tune in as they analyze Brett’s results, talking about the data, his story, Tawnee’s feedback, and what’s next. You won’t want to miss this exciting development in the series.

What’s included:

-Brett’s bike split data; HR, watts, RPE, etc.

-The story of what really happened on the run that got away from Brett

-His mental state during the race and clear signs of burnout

-Tawnee’s thoughts on his race execution

-Conclusions on the next steps for Brett now that the race is over….

-Taking a step back to focus on recovering from overtrianing

-Health and diet recommendations

-Getting blood and functional health testing with NourishBalanceThrive.com

-Autoimmune Paleo Protocol http://www.thepaleomom.com/autoimmunity/the-autoimmune-protocol


Comments (5)

  • Excellent episode! Yes, it is helpful to get all of the facts:). Brett followed the race plan to the letter. I think we all agree that he is overtrained. Listening to the Dr. Maffetone podcasts, I would also point out that lower volume with bouts of intensity can still be stressful, and I still wonder about that 1 3/4 hour run in the heat (smashing his adrenals to a pulp). Hence, rest and recovery. My guess would be sticking to the Maffetone approach once he returns to training. Ultimately, Brett needs to do a cool weather ironman:) Thanks for another great podcast! Congratulations to Brett on sticking to the plan and adjusting so that he ended up enjoying the day. That’s what it’s all about!

    • Tawnee_Prazak says:

      Mike, Thanks for your words of wisdom and we are so glad you're addicted to (I mean enjoying!) the show 😉

  • Bill Carlin says:

    Fairly new listener but have become devoted (euphemism for hooked) to this for it’s useful hard info-to-fluff ratio being excellent (and the fluff is fun too). Took a leap at the Nourish Balance Thrive tip only thinking about the adrenal stress profile but went in big with that and 4 other tests. I will be getting tests on spit, blood, urine & poop. Your video conference with Chris made that decision make more sense when considering what NBT’s coach suggested. If you’re interested, I can update you on how that plays out against an age group triathlete’s third, first season. The web site on the form directs to my FB vanity page which will contain a journal of that and other stuff.

  • Steven Hammond says:

    This crossover of ZenTri and EP is really great. I’ve been listening to both you guys for some time now and find it really entertaining, and enlightening, to hear about your experience.

    It’d be interesting to hear your take on the use of Hornet Juice. It’s one of Brett’s staple fuels and has some good endurance stuff in it, but also has artificial sweeteners that don’t play well with the gut. I’m wondering if that plays a factor in the runner’s rotgut. Not to discount the fact that Texas heat is oppressive enough by itself.

    • Tawnee_Prazak says:

      Thanks Steven! We support and use VESPA at endurance planet. Nothing artificial and it works. I used it in my recent marathon training and racing with much success. enduranceplanet.com/vespa for a discount, and also you can read about my experience with it at tritawn.com.

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