Ep. 8 Project ZENdurance: What Have We Learned?

August 25, 2015

Zen8If you haven’t heard episodes #1-8 or Project ZENdurance, you better get caught up!

Episode 8 of Project ZENdurance brings closure to this series (for now) as we discuss all the things that Brett has learned along the way since he and Tawnee began back in April.

-What has Brett changed for his training, nutrition and lifestyle as a result of Tawnee’s coaching/advising?
-What has he not changed,
-Was there anything Tawnee proposed or recommended in which Brett just said, “no way, won’t do it;” or was he fully convinced that her strategies make sense?
-How has Brett’s goals changed as a result of this project?
-What results has he seen?
-Are there any regrets or things that didn’t work out?

-specifics on more diet tweaks and success stories,
-specific on health updates,
-and more!

Keep listening for a special announcement at the end of the show…

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