EP Special: A Chat with Ultrarunner Michelle Barton

September 14, 2012

An Endurance Planet special with elite ultrarunner Michelle Barton, a Southern California resident with an extreme passion and talent for ultrarunning. She has countless first place finishes to her name as well as course records–and she doesn’t even own a Garmin! On this episode we meet Michelle and learn about her approach to ultrarunning, hear about her experiences with Dean Karnazes at Badwater, as well as get some tips and lots of inspiration.

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  • You are an inspiration, Michelle! Keep up the amazing work (i mean, fun)! And keep rocking' the trails!

    • Michelle Barton says:

      Thank you Julie!! I believe in your products and could not train and race without Recover-EASE!! Thank you for your continued support!! Congratulations to Shawn on his amazing Wasatch 100 finish mile last weekend!! I look forward to seeing you both at the Moab Trail Marathon!!

      xo, Michelle 🙂

  • DWJ says:

    great interview!

    • Michelle Barton says:

      Thanks DJ!!
      Congratulations on your amazing top 5 finish at Run Rabbit Run 100 mile and best of luck to you this weekend at UROC 100k. Go get 'em Dave!!


  • Dale Marin says:

    Michelle – great blog, I'm sure anyone who listens to it will have their motivation for running notched up a level or three and maybe consider converting from running on concrete and asphalt to getting out to the awesome trails we have all over the country. It was great hearing you talk about your Dad and daughter Sierra and having been fortunate enough to meet all three of you, I continue to be impressed by what each of you is doing and has accomplished. Looking forward to hearing more in the future.

    • Michelle Barton says:

      Thank you Dale!
      Thank you for being a great friend to my family. My Dad has thoroughly enjoyed running with you at Aliso Woods and Holy Jim trail to Santiago Peak. I am sure you will have a strong race next weekend at the San Juan Trail 10k. Thank you for the book on trail running in the Canadian Rockies. One of these days I will make it to your old stomping grounds to run….Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise….

      Keep rocking & rolling Canadian Crusher!!


  • Beth kramer says:

    Hi Michelle,
    We met on the shuttle to the trailhead at the Grand Canyon in May. I told you I was an ultra wannabe. 🙂 You and your friend Mark were running rim to rim to rim and I hiked it. I so enjoyed meeting you and was so excited to hear you interviewed on one of my favorite podcasts. I hope you remember me and I hope your run went well!

    You are truly an inspiration. All the best! -beth

    • Michelle Barton says:

      Hi Beth!!
      Of course I remember you!! U r definitely not an 'ultra wannabe', you are legit sista!! You wore the pink hat and you were doing to south to north in one day. It was cool chatting with you about Badwater and different ultras on the shuttle ride to Kaibab. You looked super strong when I saw you on the trail as we were heading back from the North Rim (you were just past cottonwood way ahead of your male friend and you shouted out a ranger had popsicles down the trail near the falls), or else I was hallucinating and just dreaming of something cold as it got quite toasty that day!

      I hope we meet up again. Keep up the awesome training!!


  • Frank santilli says:

    Michelle, great video. I am very proud of you to have the ambition and strength to pursue your dreams. I never met your Dad, but you promised to have him attend a spin class so we can all meet this amazing man. Keep up your endurance and go get them Michelle, we love you.

    • Michelle Barton says:

      Thank you Frank!!
      It is always extra special to see you in the early morning hours at the gym. Thank you for being such a sweetheart and for taking a genuine interest in my life. You are an inspiration not only to myself, but to many others at our gym. I admire that health and fitness is a high priority in your life. I love you too!!


  • Chuck says:

    Michelle Great podcast. I was surprised to hear you say you were better on downhills because I always remember you being a monster on the uphills. But then I remember you passing me on the flat sections also. Ha Hope to see you on trail again soon.

  • Mark A. Cleveland says:

    Listening to this interview, you have to love the "..I'm uncoachable…" segment, and the training regimen she talks about includes mountain biking — my favorite sort.

    Michelle has been a terrific partner for Swiftwick, putting our products to the ultimate test, and giving us great feedback in the process. Her attitude is so positive.

    I'm always happy to get a new e-mail from Doug with all the photos and sunny days. It's like watching Sierra grow up by e-mail. She will be the next generation of Bad Water pacers. Doug was hard to impress when it came to socks and so technical. Today, I think the whole family is wearing the VIBE line of Swiftwick socks.
    Michelle, Doug and Sierra, they are all an inspiration, particularly to young runners and women in the sport.

    • Thank you for the compliments Mark.

      My Dad, Sierra and I are officially addicted to the Swiftwick Vibes and Aspire’s. My Dad will be running the Catalina Eco-Marathon in the Vibes this weekend. I will be wearing the vibe zero’s for the Catalina Eco 10k. ( i am coming off a recent injury and can’t run the full marathon just yet) I wear Swiftwicks all day for running and mountain biking, spin classes, lifting. I love them!! Best socks on the Planet. Dean Karnazes was very appreciative for your generous gift at Badwater. NO blisters.It is hard not to fall head over heels with Swiftwick. I put in long hard miles and never blister or get a hot spot. Its great to never have to ‘decide’ on what sock I am going to wear for my race…my entire dresser is filled with one brand only – Swiftwick.

      Thank you for your continued support and for creating the highest quality compression socks for athletes of all abilities. No matter if you are a beginner trail runner or an elite 100 mile ultramarathoner, Swiftwick works for every type of athlete.

      Thank you, Michelle

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