EP Special: Dr. Mark Sircus on The Magic of Magnesium, His Latest ‘Ultimate Mitochondrial Cocktail’ for Better Performance and More

June 20, 2013

On this special episode of Endurance Planet, we are joined by Dr. Mark Sircus who is the leading expert on magnesium therapy. On this show we larn about the basics of Mg and why it’s so good for us (especially endurance athletes), magnesium deficiencies and why they are so common, how to know if you’re deficient in magnesium (symptoms, etc), transdermal magnesium therapy. We will also hear about what Dr. Sircus considers a new secret weapon for athletes –magnesium bicarbonate – and why is this the next best thing especially for athletes, as well as info on our needs for iodine, sleeping on a BioMat for far-infrared therapy and how this can enhance recovery and overall well-being.

Click here to download audio.

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