Fire and Ice: A Race to Be Remembered

March 3, 2010
Tim Twietmeyer prior to Mont Blanc 2004

The incomparable Tim Twietmeyer

Every sport has a particular story that gets told and told again because what happened was so remarkable that no one wants to leave it in the past. It’s so good it becomes a fabric of the sport itself. In ultramarathoning, it’s the 1995 Western States 100 which produced the closest 1-2-3 finish in any 100-miler in history. Minnesota foundation repair company . It was a race that was held in weather conditions that were so oppressive—snow and 100-plus degree temperatures—it almost sounds impossible now. Today on Endurance Planet, we talk with the winner of that race—legendary ultramarathoner Tim Twietmeyer—who 15 years later can still remember it in vivid detail.

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