For The Next 24 Hours Only – Maximize Your Endurance With This 3 Book Package From Endurance Planet!

July 5, 2012

Endurance Planet books

For the next 24 hours, you can learn how to maximize your endurance when you instantly download the following 3 titles from Endurance Planet….

…each of these books is normally $7, but today, you get all three for just $17

Book 1: “Fueling Myths Exposed”

This nutrition guide was written by Ben Greenfield for the recreational exerciser to the elite athlete, and contains a collection of the most common sports nutrition and exercise fueling myths, why they’re wrong, and what you can do about it to maximize your health and performance.

When you read this book, you’ll change the way you think about fueling your body, and you’ll learn the shocking truth about popularly held sports nutritions beliefs, including:

-How everything you know about pre-workout nutrition is probably not true…

-Why you don’t need to eat within 20-60 minutes afer a workout like everybody tells you…

-How the “Glycemic Index” is a fairly useless tool for measuring carbohydrate values….

-Why whole wheat is not as healthy as you may think…

-How not drinking enough water can still lead to water intoxication.

-Why health foods and energy bars are actually making you slower…

-Why “eating too much” is rarely the cause of gas and bloating during your workout…

-And much more!

Brought to you by Ben Greenfield, the resident sports nutrition expert for Endurance Planet, this book is guaranteed to re-invent the way you think about fueling your body!

Book 2: “Guide To Triathlon Spectating”

Let’s face it…

…from the swim to the bike to the run to the transitions to the pre and post-race area, “spectatholoning” is hard and sometimes complex work. It’s why at the end of the day, you’ll hear many triathlon spectators sigh and say, “That seemed as hard as an Ironman!”

But this new guide from Endurance Planet gives you the ultimate rules, tips and tricks for being a successful spectathlete and maximizing you or your loved one’s triathlon viewing experience.

-Get everything you and your loved ones need to know for successful triathlon spectating

-Learn about all the insider details of what goes into each distance of a triathlon

-Understand proper course etiquette for spectating without offending any of the athletes.

-Learn how to keep kids entertained when you have the little ones in tow at a triathlon.

-Get tips and tricks for how to capture the best photos and moments during the race.

-Learn how to get the most of the awards ceremony and post-race celebration.

Grab this hard copy book today and give it to your friends and family the  next time they come to watch you race – or bring yourself the next time you go to spectate a triathlon!

Book 3: “Guide To Elevation”

Training and racing at altitude can be confusing. When it comes to advice, there are a myriad of supplements, gear, and training strategies that so-called “experts” recommend to keep you from biological disaster at altitude. We turned to a seasoned endurance athlete who actually lives, eats and trains at altitude every day, and this book is the result. Here are just a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

-Mountain High Experience – exactly what happens to your body when you get into elevated conditions… 

-Going To Altitude – the system and steps necessary to prepare your body for training or racing at altitude…

-Fueling and Hydration – how eating and drinking changes at altitude, and what you can do about it…

-High Altitude Training – how to handle your altitude training sessions, and what to do if you can’t get to altitude to train…

-Racing In Thin Air – how to race and properly pace at altitude, along with swimming tips, cycling tips and running tips…

-Going From High Altitude to Sea Level – what to expect when you reverse the scenario  and go from high to low to train or race…

This book is guaranteed to reveal everything you need to know to successfully avoid the discomfort that can come with altitude training and racing – and to give you confidence at elevation!

Each of these books is normally $7, but today, you get all three for just $17

Endurance Planet books


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