Greg Wingo and The Great Alabama 650 — The World’s Longest Paddle Race

September 23, 2022


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On this episode we welcome Greg Wingo, race director of the Great Alabama 650, the longest annual paddle race in the world. This year’s event takes place Oct 1-11, 2022. This epic endurance event takes participants 650 miles down the Alabama Scenic River Trail, the longest river trail in a single state. In this episode we dive into the details of this paddle race, and much more. See below for links to live tracking and social media accounts to view more and follow along this October:

Greg Wingo, race director of the Great Alabama 650, and ultrarunner

What we cover:

  • The basics of the event:
    • Participants have 10 days to complete 650 miles down the Alabama Scenic River Trail Route. Fastest completed is in ~4 days.
    • Mainly canoes, kayaks… does anyone actually do this on a SUP!?
  • Greg’s ultra background.
  • The history of this race and how it came to be.
  • About the participants in this race—their experience, their abilities/what times are they doing (eg 100+ mile days), etc…
  • Qualification criteria.
  • What the full course is like, the race experience, and why it can get so intense (and also epically fun).
  • A small race with epic race crew support and more.
  • The dynamics of the river and how the scenery and vibe change so dramatically over the 650 miles.
  • Finish line location is at the beach, Fort Morgan in Mobile Bay.
  • Alligators? Water Moccasins? And other “obstacles.”

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