Hall of Fame Series — Verne Scott — 1/14/2009

January 1, 2009

Based out of his bedroom office and on a shoestring budget, Verne Scott worked tirelessly to put everything, big and small, in place for the establishment of the Triathlon Federation (USA Triathlon) in the 1980s. Rules, event production standards, sanctioning process, championships, meetings, membership, magazine, without Verne nothing would have been completed. criminal attorney . Although his son, Dave, may be the most famous athlete in the family, Verne had his share of age group wins. After retiring as Executive Director of Tri-Fed in 1987, Verne returned to his full time responsibility as a professor at University of California-Davis until his retirement in 1989 at age 65. He continues to swim and work out three to four times per week, coaches swimming classes for beginning adults, plays golf, and serves as a volunteer for community service activities.


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