Holistic Performance Nutrition Ep. 1: Introducing RHN Julie McCloskey – From Junk Food to Real Food, Hiking the PCT, and More

October 31, 2018


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We are starting a new show on Endurance Planet called Holistic Performance Nutrition (HPN) and in this show, Episode 1, we introduce Tawnee’s co-host Julie McCloskey, who shares her story. Follow Julie on Instagram.

Julie’s bio: Registered Holistic Nutrition Coach (RHN) based out of Missoula, MT. After living in upstate New York through college, she moved out West and fell in love with the mountain life. She studied Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver, BC and now runs her own Nutrition Coaching Business, Wild and Well. Specializing in gut health, inflammation, and hormones, Julie’s passion is helping people regain balance, increase energy, and optimize daily performance through nutrition and lifestyle strategies.

An athlete and competitor since an early age, Julie was ‘that girl’ on the all-boys teams. She played basketball and ran cross-country and track, but soccer was always her love. At the collegiate level, she played soccer and ran winter and spring track while obtaining her BS in Marketing. After college, Julie began to run longer distances, thus inspiring a curiosity for performance nutrition and recovery tactics. She moved to Jackson Hole where she fell in love with trail running and road biking. Julie races every so often, always drawn to the dirt paths that go straight up, but is 100% intrinsically motivated by the connection with nature and passion to push limits. Over a few years, and with the guidance of many podcasts and books, she slowly moved from junk food to real food, and her interest in nutrition became so deep that she packed up her stuff and moved to Vancouver to study Holistic Nutrition full-time.

Julie’s greatest endurance feat was thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2016. After 5 months of hiking 25-35 miles a day, she learned a thing or twenty about what it takes to keep a stable mind and functioning body for a feat of extreme endurance. Crediting a positive mindset, a sense of humor, a mixed bag of collagen and nutritional yeast, avocados, and nightly handfuls of quality mineral salt, she successfully hiked the 2,650 mile trail from Mexico to Canada (with only 1 hobble to the ER).

Julie has been on a health journey towards rebalance ever since. With HPA axis dysfunction, amenorrhea, extremely cold hands and feet, blue toes, sympathetic dominance, kidney trouble, and a host of deficiencies, she has simultaneously been her most loyal and most stubborn client to date. So yes, she’d do it again.


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