ICYMI – Kelly Starrett: A Truly Holistic Approach to Improving Your Sport and Overall Performance

July 23, 2015
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kstar3On this show we’re joined by Kelly Starrett, who has revolutionized how athletes think about human movement and athletic performance.

Kelly is a coach, physical therapist, author, speaker, and creator of Mobilitywod.com. If you’ve seen or heard Kelly before (there’s a good chance you’ve seen him floating around YouTube), you know he’s lively, passionate and brilliant, and we’re stoked to have him visit Endurance Planet for a technical talk that will help you improve your endurance sport performance and movement efficiency.

In fact, recently Kelly released his latest book Ready to Run, and we highly recommend that all athletes add this to their library for a phenomenal resource.

Kelly is also the author of the best seller Becoming a Supple Leopard.

On this show, you’ll get an hour of awesome content from Kelly including:

  • Mouth piece for jaw alignment and better performance,
  • Discussing the concept of down-regulation for athletes,
  • Breathing mechanics and mechanical ventilation efficiency (MVE), and how better breathing can increase performance and decrease unnecessary stress,
  • Cooling pad for better sleep!
  • Why we need both spinal stability and mobility for optimal performance,
  • Overcoming an overly flexed spine and neck/back/shoulder tension caused by cycling, running, etc.
  • The squat and overhead squat, and all the wonderful things this can tell us and do for us. (Note: Even though endurance athletes aren’t squatting during competition, why these movements are so specific and useful in our training.)
  • How to fix a faulty squat – and the need for torsion in the hips for an upright torso,
  • Exercise recommendations:
    – box squats
    – goblet squats
    – box step-ups
    – T spine mobility
    – More in Ready to Run
  • How often we need to practice movement corrections, mobility exercises and strength training for results,
  • Injury prevention,
  • Gray Cook quote & discussion: “Runners insist they cannot take time off from running to work on these patterns (ex: hurdle-step of FMS) because they believe endurance will decline, but in fact, reduced efficiency is guaranteed when continuing to train and practice sub-optimal patterns with high training volume. The enhanced efficiency gained by two weeks of mobility and stability corrective exercises and calisthenics targeting weak links will FAR outweigh any microscopic loss in metabolic efficiency.” – Movement, pg 206
  • Optimal performance through healthy, smart living and how Kelly and his family operate including habits to promote optimal sleep at night.

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