Iron Cowboy: Face Fears and Take Action

January 18, 2016

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On this show:

Get to know James Lawrence, aka the Iron Cowboy, who last year did the impossible by accomplishing 50 Ironmans in 50 states in 50 days.

  • The real deal with James’ beard and how he treats it.
  • Comparing 505050 to Kona ironman World Championships
  • Taking the ultimate offseason to recover fully and accepting losing fitness
  • James spent roughly years building a base practicing patience
  • From his coach, David Warden on the coach’s blog
  • “Six of James’ slowest performances took place in the first 11 days. Was it the tough bike courses of the mountain west? Someday I’ll record the elevation gain for each day and be able to answer definitively. For now, I flatter myself that my theory was correct: I didn’t need to get James ready for 50 IMs in a row, I just needed to get him ready for 10. The fitness to do the remaining 40 builds from there. In other words, what’s the best way prepare for 50 IMs in a row? Do 10 in a row and repeat 4 more times.”
  • On getting faster the deeper the campaign went on
  • The role of Crossfit, strength training and intensity to build durability
  • James’ rules of Crossfit
  • Some of his favorite power/strength-building workouts (gym and sport-specific)
  • How did the team decide on appropriate pacing: RPE, HR, watts, pace, etc.
  • What were specific HR ranges and watts and how did they adjust and adapt to this. At times not even getting near the “caps” that coach laid out.
  • Did he plan pacing and have specific slow days based on a state’s terrain or climate, like we’ll use this course to go easier? Or did it just unfold?
  • Day 18: the bike crash from falling asleep
  • Maintain good energy on little sleep and the crazy schedule
  • The art of being flexible with the plan
  • Nutrition and fuel
  • Fat-adaptation, metabolic efficiency and using fat for fuel!
  • The Iron Cowboy Alter ego: where and how did he find out this is something that works so well
  • The art of being selfish
  • Presence
  • James’ “POWER MINUTE”
  • “When was the last time you did something hard or new”
  • Hopefully we all need to hit some rock bottoms to learns and grow
  • Getting uncomfortable
  • Was there a doctor on hand/med team on hand?
  • Copy cats trying to replicate the 505050?
  • Haters gonna hate
  • What’s next:
  • Iron Cowboy coaching
  • The Iron Cowboy triathlon, coming July 2016 in Utah.
  • Also mentioned:
    Rich Roll podcast

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