Jennifer Sage: Your Complete Guide to Indoor Cycling Classes, With Do’s and Don’ts for Athletes, Resources and More

December 23, 2013

We welcome Jennifer Sage, longtime indoor cycling instructor and founder of the Indoor Cycling Association, who will share some great insight on the world of stationary bike classes with tips on finding the right class, what “trends” to avoid, power and watts, biomechanics of stationary riding, techniques for athletes, enhancing hill climbing skills, customizing your workouts in class, drills, using HR to achieve training goals, periodization, coaching classes, and much more.

As we mention on the show, many of these tips and more can be found in Jennifer’s book, Keep it Real in Your Indoor Cycling Class, which you can also link to at

Click here to download audio.

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  • neesonliana says:

    Does she have a blog or online classes? I would love to experience the activities she offer to her students.

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