Jill Miller: Yoga Tune Up for Endurance Athletes to Prevent Injury, End Pain and Move Better

June 1, 2015

Jill-RMJill Miller, the founder of Yoga Tune Up and author of the book Roll Model, joins the show to enlighten us on ways to heal and prevent injuries and pain, as well as feel better, move better and perform better in our sports. Click here to get the same Yoga Tune-Up kit that Tawnee now uses and recommends.

On this show we learn a ton from Jill including:

-Jill’s story of exercise obsession and an eating disorder

-How Jill learned to finally changed her ways and learned to be kind to her body

-How her past inspired her to dedicate her life and career to helping others live pain free and be kind to their bodies

-Concepts of Yoga Tune-Up and how it can benefit endurance athletes

-Nervous system health with the balls, and how it can calm you down

-How Yoga Tune-Up balls and therapy compare with the foam roller, massage, and other types of trigger point balls; and why it may be a better choice and/or necessary addition to your “body maintenance”

-How regular use of the Tune-Up balls can potentially improve blood chemistry!

-Fascial fitness and fascial proprioception for injury prevention, better performance and improving coordination and precision

-Decrease pain, improve posture

-When to use ball therapy (pre or post workout?), and how often?

-How to do these techniques

-Overcoming injury with the ball therapy (hear how Tawnee overcame a baker’s cyst)

-and more!

Find out more at: https://www.yogatuneup.com/

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