Joe DeSena: Spartan Race Series Founder on Obstacle Racing, Rise of the Sport, How To Train for The Terrain, The New ‘Spartan Up’ Book, and Much More

March 18, 2014
Joe DeSena, the co-founder of the Spartan Race Series and accomplished endurance athlete, joins the show to talk all about obstacle racing and exclusive news on his new book. Specifically we talk about:
-Growth of obstacle racing, how many Spartan races are offered, where, etc.
-Types of Spartan races and The Death Race (distances, difficulty, etc)
-How to train for obstacle racing: strength and endurance, including Joe’s top 3 exercises
-Obstacles involved in a Spartan race: full list with Joe’s favorites
-Nutrition for racing
-Rise of elite obstacle racers (i.e. Hobie Call)
-Joe’s athletic career
-Obstacle racing vs. tradition triathlon and ultras
-Mental side of obstacle racing
-Reebok’s new obstacle-racing shoe designed with Joe’s input!
-“Spartan Up”, Joe’s Spartan Racing book due out this year
-and more!
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