Justin Frandson: Level Up Athletic Gains — Work Your Ambidexterity, Recharge With Nature, Coexist With EMFs, and (Gasp!) Ditch The Wearable?!

May 19, 2023


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Our guest in this episode is Justin Frandson, an athleticism performance coach and founder of Athleticism.com and EMFRocks.com. 

In this episode:

  • Tawnee mentions she has owned EMF-harmonizing tesla rocks since her days as a vanlifer.
  • Justin was hurt as a pre-collegiate elite athlete so ultimately went into a career in helping athletes in ways beyond agility training.
  • Speed training, coordination drills, ambidexterity–incorporating rhythms, nonlinear movements, and ways to boost brain training, and help athletes get into flow.
  • Get the body in the infinite flow of the universe.
  • Don’t get stuck in one plane of motion–move dynamically!
  • Brain waves:
    • Sleeping: delta/theta brain wave state, which is <1 to 1-8 Hz.
      • Theta: light sleep, relaxed and/or meditative state
      • Delta: deep sleep
    • Peak performance/flow state: alpha wave state, which is 8-12 Hz.
  • When brain states rev low and slow, e.g. creative/visualization is theta, this is similar to Schumann resonance 7.83 Hz.
  • Our brains will naturally rev closer to what earth is but when we have “monkey brain” activated or sympathetic state we leave that state–lose power.
  • Eye-hand coordination, non-linear work, mindfulness, breathwork get us back to a flow state or alpha brain wave state.
  • The value of Justin’s niche of work for endurance athletes:
    • Why endurance athletes can benefit from fast-twitch muscle development.
    • Proper gait, stride length/frequency, rhythmic body movement, coordinated movement for faster times.
    • Injury resilience, bone density, more efficiency.
    • Create new neuropathways and more easily get into flow state.
  • Ambidexterity work to try: juggling!
  • Athletic neurostacking–adding more and more to challenge the brain; stack the system during coordination exercises.
  • Tie in with babies and toddlers–tapping balloons with both hands not just one so they aren’t so one-side dominant.
  • EMF
    • A big stressor that hinders performance and downregulate our nervous system
    • Signal strengths keep increasing.
    • Story of a paddler who went weak when wearing a smartwatch.
    • Muscle testing.
  • Endurance athletes and smartwatches/wearables
    • Radiation from smartwatches (GPS, etc.) can have an impact.
    • Technology–is it really the next best thing?
    • Taking us away from our intuition.
    • Use it for test/re-test purposes–those are the markers and data points that matter.
    • Smart watches/wireless wearables: they are pinging at 2.45 billion waves per second of a one-directional wave form (for reference, as he mentioned, human body is used to operating at 8-12 waves/sec of unpolarized waves).
    • But low levels of radiation, so is it significant?
    • CDPH guidelines.
  • Toxic world
    • Is EMF just one more thing and tipping some of us over the edge.
    • Zach Bush: #1 stressor on the body of the last 40 years is glyphosate.
    • But EMFs have been around for even longer!
  • Studies
  • Coexist with EMF and avoid the fear-mongering
    • How to keep your cool over these “invisible” threats like EMF so that you don’t create the exact problems you’re trying to prevent, e.g. nervous system dysregulation.
    • Don’t give your power away! We can convert these wave forms.
    • Establish proximity protocols.
    • Use nature to ground us.
    • Grounding inside the home.
    • For athletes, work more on an intuitive approach to training and listen to your body! Don’t rely solely on wearables.
  • Nature is healing
    • Grounding.
    • Body is a body battery.
    • Negative charge from the earth.
    • Positive charge from the unpolarized light of the sun.
    • Breathe in minerals.
    • Water for conductivity.
  • EMF exposure and susceptibility to health
    • When mitochondria disrupted we are a gateway for other challenges; lose polarity.
    • Eyes, teeth, thymus, lower intestine all get de-charged.
    • “Level 1” EMF symptoms: Cognitive such as fatigue, behavioral issues, increased stress, headaches, ringing in ears, lack of sleep.
    • “Level 2” EMF symptoms: Severe headaches/migraine, bloody nose, non-trauma concussion symptoms, rashes.
    • “Level 3” EMF symptoms: Cancer, diabetes, suicide, CV disease, infertility.
    • Genetic component that makes some of us more susceptible?
    • Rh positive are more sensitive to EMFs; Rh negative more resilient.
    • How much toxicity we’re exposed to/toxic burden.
    • Methylation status matters in whether we’re sensitive or not.
    • Our biofields–does EMF get “stuck” within us?
    • There are many ways to test things like methylation, toxic burden, etc.
  • EMF in our homes and personal space and what we can do…
    • Smart meters are big offenders. Is this by your bedroom wall where you sleep, or your kids?
    • Smart devices of all kinds–from phones to home cameras, etc.
    • Hard-wiring is an option to mitigate EMF issues.
    • Some people will feel like their brain is being “pinged” all night long.
    • Is your home a quiet resonance? At the very least, turn off wifi or even electricity at night when sleeping to regain low resonance.
      • Particularly in the bedroom!
    • Dirty electricity sources
      • What is dirty electricity: Amps to volts and disconnection between that communication due to bad/improper wiring, frayed wiring, transformer issues, not being grounded, etc. Electricity that leads to static, sparks, etc.
      • LED lights (incandescent is the better option)
      • Solar–not easily grounded
      • To measure dirty electric: Stetzer electric meter.
        • Should be below 100. Most homes below 300. He’s seen homes 900+.
    • Back to nature: touch your feet to the ground, touch/hug a tree if it’s cold/winter outside. Get in water.
    • Technology: we’re so addicted we don’t even know what it’s like to feel better without it!
    • When you lose your polarity, it’s hard to heal and get well/recover.
    • A lot of this we don’t even have to spend a dime to try/change and see if we benefit or feel better.
  • Grounding, earthing and EMF rocks
    • What is grounding?
      • Connecting to nature/the earth to re-polarizes our system.
      • Negative charge from below; positive charge from above, etc.
      • A system of feeding that wave form and resonance.
      • For more: Eileen McKusick Electric Body Electric Health
    • When we have that polarity via grounding/earthing, our internal chemistry hold stronger. Without out we lose life force energy (eg no connection to nature, all artificial light, high EMFs, etc.).
    • At the end of the day get your environment back to the resonance of the earth, i.e. Schumann Resonance.
    • Grounding mats are one option (but must be plugged into wall).
    • EMFRocks.com: Justin’s company hand-mines crystals, creates a coherence between us and one-directional wave forms to dampen EMF effects.
    • Manmade devices are an option but not from nature like the rocks are.
  • Athlete tips!
    • You CAN use something like the EMF rocks on your body to coexist with EMF radiation (i.e. mitigate negative effects) when wearing smartwatches, HR monitors, etc, when training (i.e. hold or wear the rocks).
    • Cyclists, get that cell phone off your sacrum! That’ll shut down power source.
    • Women, get that phone off your chest, do not store it near your breasts.
    • If you must take your phone, ideally put on airplane mode, in a faraday bag.
    • Also don’t put your phone or device in a stroller pocket that is right near your child’s head or body.
    • Trifield EMF meter to test EMF levels in your home, bedroom, office, etc.


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