Kona AG’er Exclusive: Mark Zanker on Being Vegan, Training ‘By Feel’ and Going Sub-10 at the Ironman World Championships

October 23, 2013

We catch up with triathlete Mark Zanker of Australia, who recently went 9:43 in the Ironman World Championships, his first time racing Kona. Mark is a vegan athlete; he trains intuitively and doesn’t use HR, power or pace; and he manages a full-time job and big family. Just this year he turned vegan, and also had another sub-10 Ironman in Cairns. On this show we’ll hear Mark’s journey into veganism and why he adopted that diet, what he eats and on regular basis, his nutrition for training/racing, how he executes his training without using data (and how he keeps himself from overtraining), his blood test results, his approach to Kona and his experience on the Big Island and much more.

Click here to download audio.

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