Krista Austin, Ph.D: Simplifying Sports Nutrition, and Are Female and Male Athletes More Similar Than We Think?

November 29, 2019


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Today’s guest is Krista Austin, Ph.D, CSCS, a sport scientist currently serving as an industry consultant and performance specialist for professional and Olympic sport athletes. Austin has worked for the United States Olympic Committee, the English Institute of Sport, England’s Cricket team and multiple national governing bodies of sport including USA Wrestling, USA Taekwondo, USA Weightlifting and USA Triathlon. Her wide range of expertise includes consulting for professional sport teams on the use of intermittent hypoxic training, preparing athletes for the NFL combine, endurance coaching for distance runners and triathletes of all levels, and providing performance nutrition to multiple populations from elite athletes to diabetics. Austin recently authored a chapter on Injury Prevention and Recovery for the “The Women’s Guide to Training for Triathlon” and has also authored the book, “Performance Nutrition: Applying the Science of Nutrient Timing,” which approached nutrition from a performance perspective through the intentional use of food to optimize an aspect of human physiology.


  • Krista’s story
    • Rebuilding marathoner Meb (and introducing him to UCAN with great success).
  • Intermittent fasting (IF) vs. Regular meal intake
    • Weighing the benefits to “even” refueling/meal intake vs. time-restricted feeding and/or intermittent fasting?
    • Why a 12-14 hour overnight fast should be “no big deal” for all of us.
  • Female health considerations
    • Working with a female athlete’s menstrual cycle.
    • Treating amenorrhea in active athletes.
  • Sports nutrition for women vs. men
    • Guiding a nutrition plan for a female athlete – what variables are factored in to ensure their unique physiology and health needs addressed?
    • Krista proposes: Maybe the idea of women not being small men misses the point a bit? Krista shares why male and female athletes are actually far more similar and should be treated as such.

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