Legends of triathlon podcast unveiled

December 2, 2011

Hosts of popular ironman based podcast IMTalk John Newsom and Bevan James Eyles, have launched their new podcast “Legends of Triathlon <http://www.legendsoftriathlon.com/> ”. The monthly show will take in an in-depth interview with the most prominent figures across all disciplines of triathlon, from the celebrated athletes to those more involved behind the scenes of the sport in the past 30 years. “We want to play our small part in making sure the names of the past are not forgotten and our great sport can start to document their achievements. Triathlon is a young sport but there is much to learn from those who carried the torch through the early years” comments Newsom

The first episode of Legends of Triathlon features an interview with multiple World Champion triathlete Spencer Smith. For those involved in the sport in the mid 90’s the man needs no introduction. In 1993 Smith won the elite world ITU Championships in his first year out of the junior ranks and backed that up with another title the following year in dominating fashion. In 1998 Smith’s world was rocked by the death of his father followed by a drugs scandal which was ultimately thrown out at the court of arbitration for sport. Listen in to one of the true characters of the sport telling his story in his words.

“Legends of Triathlon” is an off shoot of the IMTalk podcast which was establish in 2006 by Eyles and Newsom. Over the last five years, and nearly 300 shows later, the IMTalk community has grown enormously driven by “their weekly fix in all things ironman”. The light-hearted show features weekly news, coaching advice, age groupers of the week, history lessons along with plenty of content submitted by the listening community. Arguably the most popular shows are the in-depth coverage at the Ironman World Champs and regular interviews with the biggest stars of the sport such as Chris McCormack, Chrissie Wellington, Craig Alexander, Dave Scott, Mirinda Carfrae and many many more.

To listen to Legends of Triathlon visit  http://www.legendsoftriathlon.com or search via I-Tunes.

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