Lesley Paterson: Pro Triathlete Dominating XTERRA, 70.3s and More

June 19, 2012

On this special episode we bring you an interview with pro triathlete Lesley Paterson who’s having huge successes in XTERRAs, 70.3s and beyond. She’s the reigning XTERRA World Champion and just recently was first at ITU Cross Triathlon World Champs and third at XTERRA East Championships, among other top results. Today we learn about Lesley’s background growing up in Scotland and how she made her way to San Diego. We also hear tips on how she balances offroad and road triathlon training, as well as how she successfully juggles multiple jobs (she’s also in film and is a coach). Lesley shares her experiences on using Extreme Endurance, as well as much more fun stuff, including a chat on her video-gone-viral “Sh*t Triathletes Don’t Say.”

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