Lindsay Cotter: Homemade Sports Nutrition, Nourishing Meals, and Foods to Avoid for Endurance Athletes

September 23, 2015

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On this show we’re joined by nutritionist and endurance sports expert Lindsay Cotter of


Intro & Background as the “sherpa housewife”
-Who are The Cotter’s?
About Lindsay
-Feeding her pro-triathlete husband, James Cotter
-What Lindsay’s learned after 8+ years of cooking for a pro triathlete?
-Lindsay’s battles with a parasite that resulted in gut issues and food intolerances, and fixing health via food
-How does Lindsay describe her approach to food and fueling for health and performance?
-How does she food/meals healthy but substantial and satisfying for hungry endurance athletes?

Carbs, gluten and food prep
-Can gluten wreak havoc on endurance athletes even if they “feel ok” with it?
-Why to be gluten-free even if not gluten intolerant?
-Gluten’s role in gut health and how it can wreak havoc
-More on carbs: Lindsay is not hardcore low-carb but they are careful on types of carbs allowed and does a lot of grain-free recipes. What are your thoughts on carbs and athletes, and carbs in general?
-phytic acid
-why is white rice better than brown rice?
-nuts: always soak even if raw?
-if grain free what are your go-to stick-to-your-rib sources for calories?

Hormones and what to avoid?
-Foods/ fuel to support hormonal health and specifically adrenals, as adrenal fatigue is fairly common on busy on-the-go endurance athletes and entrepreneurs!
-what types of foods do you look to for hormonal well-being?
-what to avoid?
-higher fat?
-What foods to avoid that can hurt athletes health/performance/well-being, and prevent progress?

Homemade sports nutrition and recipes
-Portable fuel ideas for pre/during/post workout
Healthy Bites, the basic concept and recipe examples, and why they work for great fuel source
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-Other unconventional sports nutrition ideas? What about post-workout and having something healthy to avoid going for quick junk
-How busy athletes can create quick, easy and nourishing meals?
-dinner example: Lindsay takes us through a real-life scenario of a busy day, getting home and needing to cook a fast healthy meal.
Vegan chai spiced smoothie bowl

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