Marathon and Beyond Monday: Post-Pregnancy Podiums

January 31, 2011

What does it take to restart your running regimen after having two babies and still working a full-time job? In this episode of Marathon and Beyond Monday, we’ll learn how one mom puts in the dedication and hard work to get back to her love of long-distance running and racing. To get a free full-color PDF file with pictures of this episode’s article, click here.

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Click here to download the audio now.

Comments (3)

  • jay schrumpf says:

    I hate to sound mean but I don't like Tawnee's voice. I don't think she is interesting and the pocast has suffered terribly since the beginning of the year. Also the podcasts are shorter so the aren't fun to run with since you have to mess around with your i-pod if you are listening on the run. It's a shame. I barely listen any more.

  • melissa says:

    the women can do it. It will take more commitment but everything is doable. If they love what they do, then why not.

  • steve says:

    I think too many your young girls get pregnant for the wrong reasons,some get pregnant to keep hold of their boy freinds,while some to get council houses,the whole system needs to be looked at in great detail

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