Marathon & Beyond Monday: My Most Unforgettable Ultramarathon

May 17, 2010

Question: What happens when an elite marathoner with a 2:13:34 PR enters “the ultimate human race”—the 56-mile Comrades marathon? Answer: Doug Kurtis can tell you. Today’s Endurance Planet—a Marathon & Beyond Monday edition—is Kurtis’ story, My Most Unforgettable Ultramarathon and What I Learned From It.

Click here to download audio.

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  • michael wardian says:

    Thank you Kevin & Doug Kurtis, this was great and really timely.

    I can't wait to see how it goes for me in a few weeks.

    Best Regards,

    Michael Wardian

  • Lisa Bliss says:

    Fantastic story! LMAO about the guy in the licorice costume. I can't wait to experience Comrades myself in a couple weeks. Thank you for sharing. (And good luck to you, Michael)

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