Mark Sisson: Anti-Doping Efforts, Health and Performance, Tips for Longevity, and More

October 30, 2014

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We’re joined by primal living guru Mark Sisson, founder of the popular website Mark’s Daily Apple and the Primal Blueprint Podcast, for a exciting conversation covering a lot of ground including:

  • Mark’s history as an elite triathlete and marathoner, and why he got out of it
  • Inside the world of anti-doping efforts in sport using Mark’s knowledge and background as the Anti-Doping Commissioner of the ITU for nearly 13 years.
  • The issue of “chronic cardio”- what it means really and can we still do endurance events and avoid this trap? Is health + endurance performance possible?
  • How Mark found better performance in life and sport once he stopped “trashing” his body
  • Strength training for endurance athletes
  • Mark’s top few tips for endurance athletes who want health, longevity and performance
  • and more!

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