Matt Dixon: Purplepatch Coach on His Pros Racing IM World Champs, Inside His New Book ‘The Well-Built Triathlete,’ and More

October 5, 2014

indexToday, Tawnee gets down and dirty with coach Matt Dixon, the founder of purplepatch, takes us inside his mind on how to effectively coach athletes looking beyond just the day-to-day training. We dive inside the topics presented in his newly released book titled The Well Built Triathlete: Turning Potential into Performance. And of course, we talk about the Ironman World Championships, Matt’s pros racing Kona this year, etc…

Specifically we discuss:

The Well-Built Triathlete: Turning Potential Into Performance

  • Insight on Matt’s book – why he wrote it
  • Empower the athlete!

Matt’s Background

  • How his athletic career shaped his coaching

Coaching Philosophy

  • change the way endurance athletes are coached
  • more recovery, less volume focus
  • volume: it is derivative not objective

Pro Triathlete Meredith B. Kessler (MBK)

  • How Matt took her from an 11:30 IM to 9:48 to champion by decreasing volume

Coaching pros vs. AGers

  • talk about the difference in how each type of athletes ticks
  • all about managing training into one’s lifestyle
  • athletic IQ

A detailed profile of Matt’s pros racing Kona this year and how he keeps their training individual for the Big Dance:

  • Aussie Tim Reed
  • American MBK
  • Kiwi Gina Crawford

Strength Training

  • functional movement patterns
  • progression
  • How to incorporate all the way up to an A race


  • body fat issue
  • post race fueling

Recovery/Health focus

  • Matt’s best (and free/cheap!) training tool
  • pee strips to test recovery status, hydration, etc.
  • technology to monitor recovery/well-being
  • being intuitive with how you feel

and more!

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