Mike Greer Part 1: Legendary Race Director on Running a Successful Triathlon – From Fees, to Safety, to Achieving Success and Satisfaction, and Much More

February 6, 2014
Have you ever wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes for a race director? We talked with legendary triathlete and RD Mike Greer, who founded the Buffalo Springs Lake Triathlon, a premiere Ironman 70.3 event, that will celebrate its 25th year running in 2014. We cover everything with Greer, relevant for the athlete and race director alike.
Topics include:
How are fees determined and why they seem get more expensive each year
Staying popular for decades even as more and more races are offered
WTC-specific issues
The emotional and mental side of being in charge – RD anxiety, “psychic income”, etc
Tips to run a successful and smooth race
The importance of awards and  the after party
…and much more.
We also chat with Greer, 75, about health, wellness and thriving no matter what age you are, including how to race consistently well into your 70s and love it. A separate upcoming podcast will dive deeper into these topics, titled, “Mike Greer Part 2: Healthy Ageless Living and ‘Mind Management’ – How to Be a Better You and Thrive Your Entire Life.”

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