Mike Greer Part 2: Healthy Ageless Living and ‘Mind Management’ – How to Be a Better You and Thrive Your Entire Life

February 7, 2014
Mike Greer is a successful life coach, thriving triathlete, business owner, dedicated family man, etc, and is said to be ageless. At 75 he is still racing, thriving in life, and as energetic as ever. How does he do it? What are his secrets? He shares it all in this show.
In this show we discuss:
-“The 11 Points of Healthy Ageless Living” created by Greer, and how you can adapt these into your life starting today – with everything from determining your mythical age to the importance of sex, plus passion, adversity and more
-Creating a “pie graph of priorities” for better living
-Why a “Plan B” is not a negative thing and how to embrace it whether in racing or life
-Making successful life transitions
-Conscious vs. subconscious mind, and why each are important
-Changing your subconscious for the better, based on Greer’s book, “Mind Management: The Ultimate in Self-Improvement
-Applying “mind Management” to that thing you want to change in life whether a faster race time or more income
-Goal achievement and using “goal events”
-Importance of handwritten journaling (when, why, how)
-Positive vs. Negative thinking
-Assessing strengths and weaknesses
-Reward systems that are effective
…and much more.
In “Part 1” with Greer we talked about everything you’ve ever wanted to know about race directing and being in charge of a successful triathlon. Click here to listen.
Click here to download audio.

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