Mirinda Carfrae: On Winning Her Third Ironman World Championship Title, Making Up One of the Largest Deficits Ever, What’s Next, and More

October 14, 2014
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RinnyonBikeJust 48 hours after the IM World Championships, we sat down with Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae in her Kona condo to chat about her epic win — her third World Champion title in which she had to overcome one of the largest deficits in history to defend her title, escalating herself to legendary status as one of the few women who have more than two titles at Kona, not to mention back-to-back wins.

Rinny ran a 2:50:26 off the bike, breaking her own run course record set last year (in 2013 she also won and set the overall women’s course record), while also making up enough spots to put her in the lead and win by about 2 minutes in front of Daniela Ryf and Rachel Joyce.

In this interview we get all the details on Rinny’s day including:

  • How mentally taxing was this race; how many more does she have in her?
  • How much time she thought she could make up realistically pre-race
  • Staying positive and help from coach Siri Lindley
  • How her effort at Challenge Roth played into Kona
  • A recap of her day, especially what she was thinking in T2
  • Full details of executing that incredible run
  • Passing her husband Tim O’Donnell who didn’t have a great day
  • Making passes and interacting with her fellow competitors
  • When will she validate for next year’s Kona?
  • Future plans and what is next on her agenda?
  • And tons more!


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