Multisport News with Thorsten Radde: August Racing and KPR Updates, WTC Changes to Pro Races, and More

August 20, 2014

DraftTitle-LowResWe are joined by Thorsten Radde, founder of and author of the KPR Observer newsletter, for another in-depth look at the races and how things are shaking up in the KPR. Specifically we cover:

Ironman and 70.3 Racing Recaps and winners from August:
IM Boulder: Justin Daerr, Danielle Kehoe
Norseman: Allan Hovda, Line Foss
IM Sweden: Horst Reichel, Leanda Cave
IM Mont Tremblant: TJ Tollakson, Sara Gross
70.3 European Championship: Bart Aernnouts, Daniela Ryf
70.3 Lake Stevens: Terenzo Bozzone/Ben Hoffman, Melanie McQuaid
70.3 Timberman: Leon Griffin, Mel Hauschild

Race Previews This Weekend:
IM Japan
IM Copenhagen
IM Louisville
70.3 Budapest

KPR News:
How the rankings have changed and can still change after this weekend.
Thorsten’s KPR Observer

Other Issues:
WTC announcement re. fewer Pro races in NA

More resources:
Changing the gap between Pro Women and Age Group Men in Kona
Messick interview on Slowtwitch (comments re. Pete Jacobs)

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