Multisport News with Thorsten Radde: Recap of Ironman European Championships, Issues With Female Pro Starts, Current KPR News and Much More

July 8, 2014

We are joined by triathlon expert Thorsten Radde who provides some of the most in-depth analyses of pro Ironman racing and the Kona Points Ranking (KPR) in existence. Thorsten’s Ironman ratings, reports and more can be found all at He also recently launched a cool new triathlon podcast called IM Predictions, as well as a newsletter titled the KPR Observer.

On this show we meet and get to know Thorsten and all the cool triathlon-related things he has going on, then we dive right into the news with:
-A full in-depth recap of Ironman European Championships in Frankfurt, Germany, including the top names and results in the men’s and women’s races. See Thorsten’s race report here.
-Talk about the start timing issue for pro women: why is this such a problem, how it affects results, what can be done to solve it
-An up-to-date look at the KPR: who’s locked in, who’s a maybe, who’s a long shot, who is out for this year’s Big Dance in October?
-Getting into Kona as a male vs. female, and the numbers game with racing for points
-and much more!

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