My Story: Dr. John C. Taylor

March 29, 2010

My Story is an audio profile of an age-group triathlete with an interesting or inspirational story to tell. And Dr. John C. Taylor’s story certainly fits the bill. The Georgia man has been competing in triathlons for 28 years and has no intention of stopping now. What’s even more inspiring is that he didn’t begin doing triathlons until he was 60. Prior to beginning my interview with the active 88-year-old, I asked him, “Do you go by John or Dr. Taylor?” He responded, “Oh, I didn’t get my doctorate until I turned 75you can call me John.” Today on Endurance Planet we hear from Taylor about his multisport lifestyle.
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Comments (15)

  • Amy Randolph says:

    Dr. Taylor, thanks for sharing your recipe for living a wellness lifestyle! I'm only 43 but I hope I am able to continue doing triathlons when I'm 88, too! Your awesome!! Keep on Keeping On!!

  • J. Eppers says:

    Dr John is an inspiration for all of us "older triathletes"!

  • Gini Fellows says:

    How inspiring! I did my first women's triathlon at 60l I was in a slump recently and needed to this inspiration. I hope I am still doing them at 88.

  • Brian Kearney says:

    I LOVE IT! What a great story. I’m a personal trainer in Lawrenceville, GA and I tell everyone that Heart Rate training is the best way to go. Dr. Taylor’s triathlon story sounds a lot like my story only there is about a 45 year gap in our age. As a fellow triathlete, I can only hope to be as active, healthy, and happy as Dr. Taylor when I get to his age group.

  • Denny Johnson says:

    I started Tris when I was 60 also but I’m only 64 now. It would be wonderful if I’m still going at 88. Congratualations, you’re an inspiration!

  • oakland DeMoss says:

    Thanks John. Wish had been in contact with you earlier in life.

    Am USAT 82 end of this year. Cannot swim and has gone from bad to worse believe as result of two open heart operations and my pace maker may help to see me through these events; Spring Fever 11th of April = Claremore, Oklahoma.

    I know what you mean by being that inspiration factor – finished two this March in Texas — participants were most generous with there praise and the words always presnt: “An inspiration to me.” This is the best award I can ever receive. Keep On – Keep On.
    Oakie DeMoss

  • Mr. Determination says:

    Wow! Great story. A long time ago when I was about 37 I got inspired to run the Boston Marathon. It took me three years to get to qualifying time by gaming the system. My birthday is in early April so I turned 40 just before the race and my run time at 39 was good enough for a 40 yr old. I made the mistake of having the BM as my only goal and for the next 25 years didn't really do much other than eat. My wife did the Danskin Tri when she was about 65 and then embarassed me into finally doing a Tri even though I swim more like a rock. I'll be 69 in a few days and the thing I get the biggest kick out of is training for triathlons and then associating with such wonderful people. Everyone gets treated with respect at these things from the youngest to the oldest from the fastest to the slowest. Dr. John, when I'm your age of 88 I hope I meet you at a Tri, you'd be about 108 by then…

  • mary kalafut says:

    John, you are amazing, grea job at the swim meet this past weekend! See you at nationals! You are a GREAT inspiration! Love your joy for life!

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  • Dr. John- My 12 year old daughter and I just listened to your story! Thank you for changing her perception of what "old people" are capable of! I'm training for my first tri, and recovering from cancer, and blogging about it. I'm going to add this podcast to my links under "inspiring people"!

    P.S. I've just finished my first journalism class that I'm taking for fun, just to keep my mind sharp!

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  • Joyce says:

    What a wonderful story. I completed my first two triatlons last summer at age 61. It's great to know that I can still be doing this at age 88! What an inspiration you are.

  • Mary Ealer says:

    Dr. John: So proud of you and you are an inspiration to all of us. Looking forward to seeing you in Warner Robins at the Georgia Golden Olympics this September. I'm sure you are looking forward to qualifying for the National Senior Games 2011 in Houston…

  • Great job Dr. John. We will see you in September at the Georgia Golden Olympics and we will be cheering for you all year. You are great.

  • Dana Markovics says:

    I just met John today at Dunkin Donuts and chatted with him – he is a remarkable man! So inspiring! He made my day 🙂 I hope he has many many more years of inspiring others and doing what he loves!

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