My Story: The Amazing Jody Kelly

March 8, 2010
Jody Kelly

Jody Kelly (Photo by Tom Marek)

You may know her as Jody Kelly from the Amazing Race. Others know her as Jody Kelly the local triathlete. But neither description would have fit just four years ago. That’s when the 72-year-old from Texas made a commitment to herself to get off the couch and get in shape. And she’s done it with style. Today on Endurance Planet, we hear from Jody Kelly about the amazing changes she’s made in her life.
“My Story” is a new weekly segment on Endurance Planet, done in conjunction with our friends at USA Triathlon. My Story profiles a remarkable multi-sport age-grouper.

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Comments (10)

  • Jody, I am so happy to have followed you on the amazing race. When I say your grandma's tri harder t I began to cry. I too was a late comer to the sport of triathlon and was sad that my grandma never saw me race. I was secretly cheering you and your grand-daughter all the way. I would love to talk more with you. I fyou read this post please contact me by email at It would be my pleasure to call you a friend. Martha

  • Genie says:

    Love it! I did my first tri last year at 62. Keep it up – you are an inspiration!

  • Lori Therrien says:

    Go Jody!
    I did a similar thing. Last year I turned 50 and gave myself the gift of better health. I trained and participated in my first Triathlon. Now I am hooked. I am definitely a multi-sport enthusiast now.

  • Jody Kelly says:

    Dear Readers,

    Thanks for the comments! Isn't triathlon terrific? Hearing your stories inspires me to promise myself I'll keep on tri-ing as long as I can. And, Sandra, let's get those P-Ville swims going again soon!

    Tri love to you all,


  • Katie says:

    Jody – you are so inspiring! Keep doing it!

  • Sandra says:

    JOdy – You are what kept me from giving up in my first tri training season last year! I couldn’t have overcome my fear of open water swimming if you weren’t in Lake P-ville every week. You are my inspiration.

  • Bob Brace says:

    Being a Cancer survivor at 56 and not running in 37 years.You give me much hope I will be in 4 sprint Tris this summer As a Livestrong leader in W MI.We need positive support in our area for survivors.You are showing the way for others.Keep It up Jody.

  • carol baker says:

    Wow! Your story has inspired me to continue on with triathlons. I did my first tri with Team in Training when I was 58, heavier than I'd ever been and out of shape. I was hooked and continued to do sprint distance for a couple of years. I was right there with you at the back of the pack – last or at least one of the last. I usually won medals but only because there would be a maximum of 3 in my age group.

    2 things you said that resonated with me; you saying with emphasis but no disdain that you are SLOW.

    I'm painfully slow and recently I have seen that as a reason to perhaps quit doing triathlons. Now I will continue to embrace my slowness! AND I will NOT continue to question whether or not to keep this up as I get older! I know how challenging it was to begin this journey at 58, starting as you did at age 69 is truly remarkable and inspiring. THANK YOU!

    One more thing – 2 years ago, at age 61, Team in Training had an alumni group training for a half- ironman. It seemed totally out of reach but I wanted to train with the group to get stronger and see what I could do. I finished! It took me 9 hours (there was an 8 hour cut-off but I wasn't pulled off the course – and I wasn't the last one!)but I did it! And one of my friends commented that she can't even sleep for 9 hours!

    So – you go girl! Enjoy your half and your status as a Half Iron Woman!! Thank you!!

  • Jody Kelly says:

    Dear Readers,

    Thanks for the additional comments. For me, one of the most important aspects of the triathlon community is that it shows me I'm not doing this difficult sport all by myself. You are my sisters, and we're in this together!

    Tri love,


  • Kim says:

    Jody, I love the sport of triathlon and love that you continue to inspire everyone who know's you to reach out for new experiences and goals.

    Looking forward to cheering you on and training with you for your 70.3.

    Tri Always, Kim

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