Nathan Schultz: A Cross-Country Skiing Way of Life

November 13, 2011

On this special episode of Endurance Planet, we bring you an interview with Nathan Schultz, a former pro cross county skier who owns Boulder Nordic Sport, which offers xc ski camps, coaching and more. Schultz has won more than 100 races in his athletic career in cross-country skiing, running, cycling and beyond; he’s been to the Olympic Trials and has worked with the U.S. Olympic xc ski team; and he now devotes most his time to his shop in Boulder. Find out more about Nathan’s life and his unique xc ski shop on this episode.

Click here to download audio.

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  • rednavelracing says:

    Awesome podcast!! I just moved to Boulder and am a triathlete (duh! haha) and am totally looking at getting into Cross Country skiing this winter! So excited for it now, thanks again, you guys rock, keep up the great work!!

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