OMM 14: We’re Back!

January 5, 2024
  • Happy new year! We took a much-needed and deserved break in December. Didn’t really plan it to be that way but that’s what we needed so that’s what we did. And to be honest? It is still hard to do after all these years even though we know we need that downtime. We have our weak points….
  • What do you want more of on EP and on OMM shows? Would an AMA episode be good? Chime in!
  • What’s been on our minds? Influencer culture.
    • Hard sell, in-your-face, unsolicited advice all over the place… have you noticed too? It’s getting a bit out of hand.
    • What we want to instill: You don’t need strangers on the internet/social media telling you what you need to buy because it “changed their life” or whatever the pitch is…
    • Instead, in this new year, let’s all be more trusting of our SELF, to go within when we are searching, to have confidence that we can find the answers and aren’t too easily influenced because someone else on social media is doing it.
    • Find what works for you. Cultivate a following of trusted experts who can help you navigate your areas of interest/needs and who can genuinely benefit your wellbeing, give you the proper advice, etc. Meanwhile, cut the noise.
    • Of course, here on EP, we do have affiliate relationships and advertisers on this show, it’s one of the few ways we can keep it going. But in doing this for more than a decade now (Tawnee started with EP in Jan 2011 – woot!) you will hear us recommend products, supplements, companies, etc, in an authentic manner while doing our best to not be pushy, annoying, relentless nor making extreme (or questionable) claims. We’re here to genuinely help, not for our bottom line. It’s ok when you pass up our recommendations no matter the reason.
    • Influencer culture is NOT going away. It’s a booming, lucrative and very alluring industry for the younger generation and work-from-home type. On one hand that’s great people are carving a new path. but on the other hand? Proceed with caution. On who or what you let into YOUR space. Have boundaries as needed. We can appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit…. but also can we really trust what everyone says?
    • And also, social media has some real gems so don’t totally drop it if it brings you glimmers of joy here and there.
  • What’s up next? The biography series… it’s going to be special and quite a journey.

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