OMM 16: The Autobiography Series, Part 2

February 16, 2024

The second installment with host Tawnee Gibson sharing her life story. It is a story that many of us share, with different but similar details, and in sharing we hope to raise awareness around these issues to help more people, especially athletes and those who’ve battled eating disorders, on their healing journeys and to prevent similar issues in others.

For Part 1 click here.

In part 2 she tells the story of when her eating disorder continued into 2004-05 and the dark times that surrounded her struggle, all while trying to appear “normal” to the outside world. She was able to heal and break free from the worst of it but it was a long road still ahead. meanwhile, the seeds of entering endurance sports were being planted and a new passion was springing. One that would bring further healing, but also further dysfunction.

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