OMM 2: State of (and History) of The Podcast, Plus The Value of an Open Mind

May 26, 2023


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Tawnee is back for a new episode of On My Mind (OMM), and due to popular demand we’re keeping her husband John on as a co-host to this new series! This episode’s photo is a throwback that ties into the conversation; it was taken in Whistler, Canada, in 2014 when John and Tawnee officially took over EP as a team.

On this episode:

  • The history of Endurance Planet—did you know this podcast began in 2005 and has been running steadily for 18 years?!
  • Back then the show was hosted by show founder Kevin Patrick.
  • Around 2010 or so Ben Greenfield took over Endurance Planet and brought on Tawnee, who started as host in 2011.
  • In 2014, John and Tawnee fully took over EP and to this day are the show “custodians” as John likes to call it.
  • We’re getting back to four shows a month!
  • We vow to keep the podcast mission of promoting health and wellness techniques for endurance athletes, sharing cutting-edge science and practices, and helping you train and race to your potential!
  • We also will cover topics that may not be for everyone, that may be seen as controversial even, but maybe those topics and ideas are the exact things that some people need.
  • Science is ever-evolving and changing, and we strive to keep an open mind, be willing to unlearn, to grow and to evolve… and we hope you do the same!
  • We encourage constructive criticism.
  • We encourage debate and healthy discourse.
  • We understand our show isn’t for everyone, that’s ok, too.
  • Why we think “cancel culture” can be dangerous.

One Comment

  • Lindsay Monica Brown says:

    I said I would unsubscribe from the show, but I couldn’t help but check back to see how you responded to your listeners’ reactions to your last episode. (I thought there would be lots of criticism – your guest claimed that we haven’t heard of the dangers of EMF because no one is making money off of it, but he’s selling little bags of rocks for $140! Come on.)

    I didn’t think you would post my comment on your website last week, let alone address it on the show. I would have been more measured. It wasn’t my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I figure if you get a lot of similar messages you’ll have a chance to adjust your content.

    I like podcasts that digest research for me, because I just don’t have the time to do that for myself. (Of course, I spent some time reading about EMF dangers this week, but I wish I hadn’t. It’s harmless.) I listen to Emily Oster’s podcast for parenting advice, Stronger By Science for strength training advice, and Lattice Training for rock climbing training advice. I trust these experts to read papers, parse the good data from the bad, and explain their reasoning. You used to do a lot of this! And I loved it! The first few Endurance Planet episodes I listened to I learned about post-activation potentiation, cardiac drift, and training stress scores. So fascinating!

    It’s been a while since you’ve gotten into the weeds on any super rigorous science, and I understand why. You’ve decided to go in a different direction lately, and that’s not bad. I don’t think you should be cancelled, I just think your show isn’t for me anymore. I’ve learned enormous amounts over the years from you, and I appreciate it all. But my commute isn’t that long. I can’t listen to everything.

    Keep up the good work. I wish your business and your family the best of luck. And if, in a few years, we have a big meta analysis conclusively identifying the risks of EMF, I’ll be the first to eat my words, resubscribe, and buy a bag of grounding rocks!

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