OMM 3: 6 Daily Habits That Add Up To More Energy, Better Form, Increased Self-Awareness and More

June 9, 2023


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On this episode of “On My Mind” (OMM) with Tawnee and John we talk about routines and daily habits–the little things that can add up in big ways for your health and athletic performance. We also discuss Tawnee’s recent SUP race and what factors helped her feel so strong getting back to racing after years away from it.

Daily Routines

  • Basic adrenal cocktail
  • Body brushing aka dry brushing
    • Tawnee has two brushes, one with copper bristles that create a negative ion charge, similar to grounding effect, the negative ions help protect the body from free radical damage and stressors in our environment.
    • Increased interoceptive awareness akin to meditation?
  • Dead hangs
    • As a movement snack; pullup bar in doorway so easy access to do whenever.
    • Healthy shoulders—we argue this is a gateway to overall biomechanical wellness, especially for runners and triathletes.
  • Magnesium bicarbonate
    • Tawnee buys Crucial Four Magnesium Hydroxide to make her own Mag Bicarb.
    • 10% off Crucial Four products here.
    • So many forms of Mg from which to choose, many with different specific benefits.
    • Tawnee has discussed and taken many form of Mg before. Mg glycinate is 2nd fave to bicarb now for bioavailability.
    • Why Bicarb? Bicarb is found to be more absorbed and utilized. Magnesium is a mineral that supports many vital physiological functions, and we’re often deficient but hard to pinpoint this–symptoms fairly broad and far reaching.
    • Magnesium bicarbonate is an electrolyte salt that exists only in water under specific conditions.
    • Mitochondria support: bicarbonate acts as a transporter of magnesium into the mitochondria. Helps with creation of energy and its transport.
    • Nervous system support.
    • Supports healthy pH level, i.e. aids in alkalinity in both tissues and cells.
    • This is a DIY supplement: formed through the reaction of dilute solutions of carbonic acid (such as sparkling or seltzer water) and magnesium hydroxide.
    • Tawnee is taking about 3 oz or about 300mg/day while breastfeeding.
  • Sleep prioritzation
    • When you’re in a period of pushing limits—in this case working mom with two small children and now back to training—don’t slack on sleep!
    • I could stay up late after kids go down but I can’t afford to sacrifice that rest time!
    • Tawnee argues that the sleep piece is even far more important than light exposure (based on experience of living in North Idaho where winters are very dark, days short and often no sun).
  • Toe spacers
    • Great for foot health and biomechanics.
    • Often our feet are in need of TLC these help!
    • Doesn’t take a lot of money or work, just throw them on.
    • Tawnee likes post-run, during strength or during daytime when barefoot or even when sleeping.
    • During day she wears Primal Step Toe Separators or EarthRunner Toe Spacers.
    • At night she wears Correct Toes.

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