OMM 5: Alignment and Goals

July 7, 2023


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On episode 5 of On My Mind (OMM) Tawnee and John recap their recent trail run races:

  • Insight on goal-setting and being in alignment with your whole self & racing.
  • Choosing race distances/events that are realistic with your whole-life picture/current stress in order to maintain health and wellness.
  • The fear of getting back to it after overcoming health challenges and healing.
  • That window in life of having baby and riding a fine line of adrenal fatigue.
  • Support yourself in simple ways! Things like Crucial FOUR nutrient-dense Icelandic salt and Mag Bicarb have been Tawnee’s go-tos.
  • Tawnee’s 5-mile race was short, and her old self would have likely opted for one of the longer distances to push limits, but this felt just right for where she’s at.
  • John did the half-marathon and it was more demanding on him, fought off a migraine.
  • Post-race fare: make it healthy?




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