Pete Jacobs: Kona Ironman Champ On Repairing Metabolic Damage and Making a Comeback with Increased Focus on Health, Clean Eating & MAF

October 4, 2017


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With Kona right around the corner, on this show we feature professional triathlete Pete Jacobs, the winner of the 2012 Ironman World Championships. The year prior to that, Pete was second at Kona and the winner of Ironman Australia. After a hiatus, this year he’s toeing the line at Kona again. Today we’re going to hear Pete’s full story on the health issues he’s had, the ups and downs he’s had prior to and since his win in 2012, and how he’s made drastic changes (for the better) to his diet, lifestyle and training with the guidance of our very own Dr. Phil Maffetone. To find out more or connect with Pete, follow him on Instagram and Facebook, and check out his health & performance coaching website Live Your Own Fit, which is also on IG and FB.

Topics covered with Pete:

  • Pete’s background in triathlon and years as a pro.
  • Pete’s approach to training and diet in those years leading up to the 2012 victory.
  • Experiencing massive fatigue issues since 15 years old, but after the 2012 win, instead of a day or a few the fatigue would last a month or two.
  • A vicious cycle: Feel good for 6 weeks, train hard, get fit, sign up for a race, then get to the race feeling burnt out again.
  • Diet changes: In 2016 Pete removed meat with feet, dairy and all grains, and saw improvements (3rd at Ironman Cairns regional champs). But then got sick and never bounced back.
  • Pete then turned to Dr. Phil Maffetone – what did Phil advise Pete do?
  • From Phil’s advice: Pete cut out the carbs, rested and relaxed going into Ironman Arizona 2016. On very little race fuel (some honey) and sticking to a moderate heart rate he had one of the easiest Ironman’s he’d ever done in under 9 hours.
  • From then, he started looking at the keto diet along with tons of research, podcasts, reading, trial and error to begin understanding his body better.
  • Reintroduced meat this year and started training at MAF 95% of the time.
  • Previously, training involved a lot of threshold efforts, but over 150 HR recovery would be slow, and often couldn’t get power.
  • Blood glucose management & why fasting doesn’t work for Pete.
  • Still would see fasting glucose goes high; helps to eat many smaller meals often.
  • The build to Kona and making a comeback on the world stage this year.
  • And much more!

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