Pt. 3 – Dr. Jeff Volek and Zach Bitter: Practical Implications from the FASTER Study and Low-Carb Fueling for Athletes

March 19, 2015
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First Listen to Part 1 and Part 2 – make sure that you are up to speed on the series.

VolekBitterPart3What you get in Part 3 of the FASTER Study and Low-Carb Fueling Series:

Discussion and Practical Applications

  • How we can make use of low-carb fueling for endurance sport, and is it worth he effort?
  • If high fat is good and fat adaptation can improve performance, why are so many athletes even at the elite level still more high carb and finding benefits with that approach? Is this simply an awareness issue or is there more to it?
  • How does LCHF play into one’s speed potential; how does it affect an athlete’s high end? i.e. Duration/intensity of ultras vs. 1/2 marathon or sprint/olympic triathlon.
  • LCHF for endurance and health.
  • Benefits of fat adaptation and fewer calories needed during competition: less GI issues, mental clarity, no bonking, able to maintain speed, etc.
  • Is ketosis and low carb manageable, safe for athletes long term? Males vs. female differences/hormones? Especially female athletes who often appear to be more sensitive to fueling strategies…
  • Periodizing this approach to diet? i.e. do it in the base phase then transition diet in build/peak/competition phases? yay or nay?
  • More on FASTER: any surprises? What else can you share? When will it be published?
  • Fueling tips, what to eat and timing of calories for athletes? What carbs do you recommend, and what about sports nutrition fueling?
  • Dr. Volek mentions UCAN for fat-adapted fueling (link to:
  • Can LCHF make you faster?
  • and bonus time with Zach and Tawnee discussing….

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